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Like anything else you want to do with your body, there is a formula that you must follow if you are hoping to take part in body building. If you simply workout and hope for the best, you may end up getting in better shape, but there is no guarantee that you will be building the muscle mass that you desire. By following a properly-designed plan, you can ensure that your efforts are best spent actually building muscle.

This starts first with assessing where you are already at. From there, you need to devise a good workout plan and start looking at the right dietary requirements. Finally, you need to use the right supplements if you hope to stay at the top of your game. Though there are other methods out there, here is one natural way to work on building that lean muscle mass without sacrificing your health in the process.

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Losing Fat vs. Building Muscle

One of the key distinctions is that different workouts and different diets are meant to achieve different results. This means that an individual who wants to be skinny and have the lowest body fat possible needs to not only eat differently than the one working towards body building, but also must take part in different exercises. Before starting on your body building program, you need to access where you are at in this process. If you need to lose some fat before begin your program, you will need to do the appropriate routine for this outcome. When you are ready to start building, then you can really begin.

Doing the Right Workouts

The key to building muscle is to look for higher intensity, lower rep workouts. As far as specific routines, remember the ultimate rule that you never workout the same muscle group two days in a row. Despite this, many body builders find that the best way to workout is by working corresponding muscle groups one day to the next. For example, one day they might focus on back and shoulder while the next day they do triceps and chest.

Regardless of what routine you use, remember that high weights and low reps are your friend. If you can do more than 8-10 repetitions in a set, you need to find heavier weights.

Eating the Right Foods

Beyond simply observing proper workout techniques, you must also make sure that you are eating the right food. Building muscle is tough, and the main key to any good workout is proper nutrition. Though the specifics can vary from person to person, overall you want to make sure to have plenty of lean meats in your diet, as well as plenty of vegetables.

Six meals of 50-70% green vegetables and 30-50% lean meat will get you most of the protein you need for success and many of the extra vitamins and nutrients. Though some body builders suggest you need 150% or 200% of your body weight in protein, the reality is that your body cannot absorb this much at once. Instead, getting about your body weight should do the trick just fine. Of course, no body building routine is complete without supplements.

Healthy Diet & Exercise

Taking the Right Supplements

Training for any form of fitness requires an understanding of supplementation. When it comes to body building, there are three supplements that are “must haves,” and a fourth that can definitely push you over the edge.

  1. Protein Shakes: Depending on how much protein you are getting from your diet, you may want to add in a protein shake. If you just take one a day, look for a fast-acting protein that you would take immediately after your workout.
  2. Multi-Vitamins: Look for a multivitamin that not only has all of the essentials, but also includes amino-acid chains that you might need more of, like L-glutamine.
  3. Pre-Workout: A good pre-workout will give you that extra boost you need to push through another set and really move forward on your progress.
  4. Weight Pills: Since your workouts are centered on building muscle, some body builders find that even with their healthier diets some excess fat starts to creep in. By taking the right weight loss pill, you can control this effect and boost your overall energy.