Starter Guide for Simple Fitness

You should never be ashamed to say that you do not have the time to devote to an hour or more of exercise each day. Of course, after reading this helpful guide you also should not be able to say that you do not have any time to exercise. Rather than having to devote all of the time and energy to a structured routine, this page provides all of those helpful ways to integrate the cardio you need into your daily activities to get you started.

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Using the Time You Have

The first rule of weight loss is to make sure you use what little time you have. Everyone has a minute in the morning when they get up to do some stretches. This should become part of your daily routine. When you go in to brush your teeth, you should also be moving. The easiest exercise to integrate here is probably calf raises, which you can do without much effort.

Similarly, the idea here is not to spend an hour running, swimming, or some other activity. Instead, you will use what free time you have to get out and move. This can be done on your lunch break, while you wait for your vegetables to steam or soup to cook, or in that little break before your favorite television show comes on.

Walking vs. Jogging

If jogging is too difficult for you at present, one of the best ways to compensate is to walk. Instead of jogging 1 mile, walk for 2 or 3 miles. This is much less intensive than jogging and still keeps your blood flowing. Over time, you may find that you are able to jog for part of the way or you might just start increasing your jogging distance. This is a great trick if you find that you need lower intensity exercises to start.

Jogging vs. Running

When you do start feeling that you can run, rather than going all out you should consider jogging instead. Running 1 mile may be good, but jogging 2 miles may be easier. Furthermore, jogging is actually more conducive to losing fat than running, which makes it a great addition to your workout.

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Timed Running

If you find that time is a concern rather than intensity, one way to overcome the challenge is to forget about how far you are running. So many people tie themselves into a distance that it then allows them to simply avoid it altogether. Instead, if you have 10 minutes to run, then run/jog for 10 minutes. If you only have 3, then use those 3.

Intermittent Sprinting

If you are really looking for a quick cardio workout, one of the best ways to boost your results is to mix in intense running with regular jogging. This is great for timed workouts, as you are already on a time crunch. One way to do this would be to jog for 1 minute, sprint for the next 30 seconds, jog for 1 ½ minutes, sprint for 30 seconds, jog for 2 minutes, and so on. In fact, this type of running has been shown to be the most effective way to burn fat and get your body moving.

Naturally, this is just a starter guide to help get your cardiovascular exercise going. There are plenty of other ways to work with a system that doesn’t impede with your other commitments.