Hangover Helper Juice

If you’re drunk at 5 am, when successful people who actually contribute to society, start their morning commute, it’s more likely that you will date Putin, rather than avoid a massive hangover.

Everyone has a similar hellish experience: stomach churning, headaches, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, depression, thirst… you name it. None of it is good. It is so powerful, that for a brief moment, we all become alcohol atheists; swearing on our ps4 never to drink again. But eventually, unexplainably, a glass of vodka falls right back into our hands. If you tend to learn from your mistakes, then you will wake up fresh, ready for your morning routine, and your name is probably Curtis or Cameron. If you’re a common Joe, like myself, hangovers will be one of the most reliable things you can count on.

So, one day, at my aunt Nora’s 50th, I decided to put an end to the decaying boredom of the party with some tequila shots. I.Was.Gone. I can only recall having my cousin Mark clean my cheeks filled with vomit, softly repeating:

‘’You’re a bonehead, Tom’’.

I woke up, feeling like the inside of Bozo’s shoes. I dragged my stinky ass downstairs, knocking some of my aunt’s cheap but cheap wall portraits.

Barely alive, I sat down on a kitchen stool, when my angelic aunt Nora placed in front of me the serum of life. ‘’I called your mom. Drink up.’’

I was instantly revived!

But what was in this beverage that eased my pain? I will share the recipe with you all, my hungover friends. It was the perfect hangover helper juice remedy!


hangover Helper

Hangover Helper Juice Remedy Ingredients:


  • 4 apples
  • 2 star fruits
  • 1 ½  inch (1 cm) piece of gingerroot
  • ½ Lemon




  1. Using a juicer, process apples, star fruits, ginger and lemon. Whisk and pour into a glass.
  2. Rapidly feel yourself become human, again.

Thank god, for aunt Nora.