Office Exercises

Office Exercises

Just because you are stuck at the office from 8-5 does not mean that you are stuck being sedentary all day. If losing weight is something you are interested in, there are some ways to get yourself active in the office without having to devote a solid hour to exercise each day.

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Some General Rules of Office Exercise

Naturally, if you are doing exercise in the office you do not want activities that are going to create fuss among your co-workers. Additionally, you do not want an activity that is going to leave your nice office clothes covered in sweat. Fortunately, if you use the exercises here, this will not be a problem.

More importantly, the general rules of office exercise include:

  • Quick and Easy: The first thing that all office exercises have in common is that they are quick and easy. This means you can do them on a five minute break or, in some cases, without even leaving your desk.
  • Doesn’t Interfere: Office workouts should not interfere with your work activities. This helps ensure that your coworkers and any supervisors remain happy with your work performance.
  • Use Your Environment: Weights, bands, and other workout equipment are simply not practical to have around the office. This means that you must use what you have available.

With this in mind, consider some of the daily exercises at your disposal.

Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk

These are exercises you can do without even leaving your desk. Some can be done while you are answering e-mails, on the phone, or in other situations that you can move.

  • Desk Stretches: Whether you have some yoga poses or more simple stretches, rather than sit in your chair all day spend some time on your feet and stretching out the different muscles. While you are using the computer, stretch your legs. If you are on a phone call that might take a while, do some arm stretches.
  • Calf Raises: You may be able to do this while working on your computer, but if not it works great while on a phone call.
  • Squats: A few squats here and there are a great way to get in exercise while talking on the phone.
  • Other Options

Exercises for Your Break Time

These exercises are left for break time. Whether this is an hour lunch break or a five minute walk to the water cooler, these can help close the gap.

  • Walk/Jog: While on your lunch break, take some time to either walk or jog. Only you can be the judge of how much of this you can do, but rather than sit around to pass the time give yourself the gift of movement.
  • Lunges: Whenever you get up to go to the bathroom or get a drink, try using lunges to get around. Your coworkers might think you’re a bit eccentric, but when they start complimenting you on your figure it will be worth it.
  • Standing Bicycle: Like lunges, this exercise is best used when going for a quick break. It works your abs and gets the heart pumping a bit faster.
  • Other Options

Use What Works

Ultimately, the key to any successful exercise system is to use what works. Even though you may not have a set routine, this still applies to your office exercises. When you pay attention to the little details and figure out what works, you will really be on your way to a healthier life.