Making it Easier to Stay Healthy

Many times, people do not realize that there are 100’s of things they can do to stay healthy. Unfortunately, these things can sometimes be time consuming, difficult, or simply annoying. Keeping that in mind, this page was developed to help ensure that you could make those tasks easier. This will eliminate some of the guesswork on your part and help to ensure that you can make the time to do those things you need to succeed.

Getting an Hour of Exercise Each Day

Putting aside an hour straight of exercise is tough, so these hacks were designed to help ensure that you can get that hour a day without having to spend it all on an organized workout activity.

  • Utilize Your Lunch: Your lunch break is a great opportunity to get in some exercise throughout the day. If possible, maybe consider eating your actual lunch at the desk and then on your break take the time to go for a stroll around the office building.
  • Stretch In the Morning: The morning is one of the best times to get exercise in, but if you already feel you are short on sleep it can be difficult to get up earlier and set aside the time. Instead, add some stretching into your morning routine. This might take a couple of extra minutes a day, but it will help you to stay healthy.
  • Movement: In addition to stretches, work on exaggerating your movements in the morning and adding in extra steps. For example, while brushing your teeth take the opportunity to do some calf raises or squats.

Eating the Right Foods

Chia seed pudding made with blueberries,  strawberries and mint

Eating healthy can be difficult and unappetizing. Keeping that in mind, these little changes may not be traditional “hacks,” but they are designed to introduce little changes to make your diet that much healthier.

  • Eat Natural Nuts: If you enjoy eating nuts of any kind, rather than get the extra salty or sweet versions, look for all natural nuts. This will cut back on a lot of the excess sodium and/or sugar in your diet. Almonds are particularly good, as they are a great source of healthy fats.
  • Substitute Baking Oil: When it is time to bake a treat, try substituting apple sauce or fruit puree of some kind in place of oil. If you are making brownies with a mix, simply throw in a can with the mix and avoid the more unhealthy parts.
  • Mind Your Sautee: Rather than using oil to Sautee vegetables, try adding water or a low-sodium broth (chicken or vegetable). Also, instead of using salt for this, just try adding some other spices that might work for your palate.
  • More Fiber: Adding fiber to your diet is one of the easiest ways to improve your overall health. Instead of making a sandwich for lunch, look at getting a high fiber wrap. Pack it with some veggies and natural protein and you’re on your way to a healthier lunch.

More Hacks to stay healthy

The more time savers you can find on your journey towards health, the easier it will be to get there successfully. Check back regularly for articles and tips to help ensure that you can get through your life with the easiest and best tricks to make fitness a cinch.