Eating Right for Body Building

Whether you are looking to become competitive with body building or simply want to look your absolute best, the only way to be successful is to follow a plan that actually works. This means working on a strict exercise program and an even more strict diet. All of the workouts in the world are great, but without fueling your body properly you will find that you simply cannot cut it.

This page gives some helpful tips to ensure that you are getting exactly what you need to move towards that successful body building physique. These guidelines have shown to be effective for those looking to build muscle, but naturally there are adjustments that can be made. The key is to find what works best for you and stick with it.

The Healthy Lifestyle

There are plenty of ways to build muscle, but the key here is to remain healthy throughout the process. Though there are still people who stress the importance of protein, the truth is that body builders can actually get too much. Despite what some have suggested, eating more 1.5 or 2 times your body weight in protein is not a healthy way to gain muscle. It may work, but your kidneys are going to have a hard time keeping up with all of that excess protein.

Instead, the key to a successful body building diet is to maintain healthy eating habits. At the same time, you should look to get about 1 gram of protein per pound. This means a man who weighs 180 lbs. should be eating 180 grams of protein while following his workout routine. Beyond this, his diet should consist mostly of green vegetables like broccoli and spinach.

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A Simple Meal Plan

If you are devoting the time and energy to put into workouts for body building, it is important that you are also devoting that same attention to your diet. This means eating six meals per day, preferably on a pretty regular schedule. With that in mind, here is just a sample diet strategy:

  • 6am: Have a protein shake and a fruit smoothie.
  • 9am: Have some lean meat/fish and twice the amount of green veggies. In other words, if you 4 oz. of meat you should have 8 oz. of veggies).
  • 12pm: Some lean meat/fish, starch, such as potatoes or yams, and more green veggies. Ratio should be 1 oz. of meat, 1 oz. of starch, and 2 oz. of veggies.
  • 3pm: Have a serving of almonds and vegetable juice.
  • 6pm: Same as 9am meal.
  • 9pm: Same 12pm meal.

Naturally, if you are a vegetarian, lean meat can be substituted for vegetarian options. Also, this is just one idea of how to get the nutrition you need.

Add in Supplements

Finally, no workout is complete without having the right supplements. Body building requires a few key supplements to ensure that you successfully reach your goals. First, introduce a formulated multi-vitamin. Look for one that has more than just the essentials. A good multi-vitamin for body building includes amino acid chains to help fill in any gaps you might miss.

Second, look at using the right protein shake. As noted above, this may not actually be necessary if you are getting enough protein, but if you are falling short you should add in a post-workout drink. Look for a fast-absorbing option.

Finally, make sure to use a pre-workout supplement. This will help to give you the extra energy you need to push through those last few reps and help ensure you get the best results. Though it may not seem like much at first, the differences over time between someone who uses a good pre-workout supplement and someone who does not is vast.