Easy Workouts

4 Ways to Improve Your Fitness

With your busy schedule, it might seem difficult to fit in any time to exercise. To overcome this, you need to learn some easy workouts that can be easily integrated into your everyday life. With consistency and devotion, you will quickly find that you are on the path to fitness success.

  1. Pushups

Everyone knows how to do a pushup, but are you sure your form is on point? This simple upper body exercise is a great way to get in a quick workout and can easily lead to increased upper body strength. When you perform your pushup, make sure to keep your back straight. Furthermore, allow yourself a full 1 or 2 second as you lower down and when you reach the bottom hold for a moment before exploding up. This will increase the difficulty, and lead to more profound results.

  1. Planking

No, this has nothing to do with that weird trend that happened a few years ago. Instead, Planking is actually a great way to exercise your abdominal region. Go into the starting pushup position and then lower yourself down onto your forearms. Keep your stomach tight and hold. If you are just starting, you might find that 30 seconds is enough to get a real burn.

  1. Squats

Of course, no workout would be complete without giving your legs some attention. The squat is perhaps the most valuable leg exercise you can engage in. It involves your entire leg and can help to improve your balance if you do them regularly. In case you are not familiar with the form, start from a standing position and then slowly lower your body down, putting your arms out in front as you do for balance. When you hit the bottom, you should be in an exaggerated seated position. Hold this for a moment and then rise back to standing. Remember, always keep your knees over your ankles.

  1. Burpees

While each of the other three exercises above might get your heart pumping, this is the one that will do it best. A burpee is a great way to work out in a small space, allowing you to get some cardio in without leaving the comfort of your own home or office. Start from a standing position and bend down like you are doing a quick squat. Place your hands on the ground like you are getting into a pushup while throwing your legs back and fully extending. Quickly jump the legs back in and return to standing position. If you are just starting to exercise, don’t be surprised if you are tired almost immediately.

Other Easy Workouts

Though these four easy workouts can certain help to increase your fitness level, you should also look at other exercises you can do to improve your current level of fitness. There are plenty of routines out there that can help you manage your hectic schedule and still work on your health and fitness.

When you can commit to doing some of these easy workouts every day, you will really be on your way to a healthier lifestyle.