Easy Exercising

Your body may be your temple, but sometimes it is easier to keep that temple stocked with sodas and fast food than it is to call in the proper cleaning crew and keep the temple presentable. This page was designed with time constraints in mind, offering plenty of exercises that you can perform without having to complete change your daily routine. Each of the exercises offered here are simple and easy fitness to perform, giving you the opportunity to gradually care for your temple without having to call in a demolition team.

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Where Can These Exercises Be Performed?

Though many individuals think that exercise is something left to the gym or in the privacy of one’s home, the truth is that many people simply do not have the time to put aside and perform these exercises regularly. Instead, the exercises offered here can be performed almost anywhere. While you’re waiting in line at the grocery store, taking a break at work, or even when you are stuck in traffic, you can do little things to help keep yourself healthy and fit.

Waiting in Line?

Whether you are at the bank, in the grocery store, or waiting in a line of any kind, there are a variety of great exercises you can perform while standing in a line. Some great ideas include:

  • Calf Raises: Calf raises are a very subtle and simple way to work your calves while standing in place.
  • Shoulder Shrugs: Should shrugs are another subtle move. If you’re in a grocery store, you can even add in some food or drinks, though this might lessen the subtlety of your movement.
  • Lunges: Not very subtle, this move is still a great exercise to add into your wait, especially if it is a long line. If you’re not comfortable doing them in place, simply perform a lunge every time you go forward.
  • Abdominal Breathing: This exercise goes by a variety of different names and offers another subtle way to exercise. Simple breath in with your stomach, hold your breath for ten to fifteen seconds while you tighten your core and then exhale. It may not seem like much, but this can make a noticeable difference on your abs over time.

Taking a Break at the Office?

When you are taking the opportunity to step away from your desk for a moment, there are a variety of quick movements you can add in without wasting valuable time. Some movements include:

  • Desk Push-ups: While getting up, take a moment to do a set of 10-20 pushups using your desk.
  • Desk Yoga: Instead of waiting for a break, simply stand at your desk instead of sitting. Practice any variety of poses that would not interfere with your work.
  • Chair Dips: Another exercise to do when moving from your desk. Simply take the chance to perform 10-20 dips before you leave.
  • Invisible Chair: “Sit” for as long as you can suspend above your chair and get your quadriceps a great workout throughout the day.

Stuck in Traffic?

Just because you are stuck in your car doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. The key to any workout in your car is to make sure you pay attention to traffic. Using the steering wheel you can perform all variety of upper body exercises like: push-ups, bicep curls, and more. By raising your arms and pushing on the roof, you can also work your shoulders. If in doubt, try some arm stretches.

Movement is Key

Regardless of where you are, the key to exercise is fitting in movement whenever you can. Don’t worry about putting aside an hour at a time. Little bits throughout the day can make a big difference. Check back here often to get more great ideas on how to fit in exercise without sacrificing your other activities.

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