Desk Exercises

Staying active and fit might seem like an impossibility in your busy life. You wake up in the morning, still not having enough sleep from the day before. You quickly get ready for work before rushing out the door and going about your day. By the time your work is over, you are exhausted. You stop by the grocery store to pick up some of life’s essentials, get home, pay some bills, and then fall asleep.

If you have kids, this grind can be even more hectic, and finding the time to exercise might sound like a fantasy. Of course, if you really want to get out of this rut, the answer might be easier than you think. It all starts by performing desk exercises.

Overcoming the Office Stigma

One of the hardest things for people to overcome when they consider exercising at the desk is the impression their coworkers will have. After all, what kind of strange person exercises at his or her desk? That’s something for the gym, not an office. If you’re like most people, you hear this voice in your head when you consider exercising at work.

Ignore this voice.

Your health is more important than anything, and once you have that body you are hoping for, your coworkers will go from thinking you’re strange to being envious of your fitness level.

Seated Desk Exercises

Of course, if you are still worried about what others might think, start out small with some seated desk exercises. These include:

  • Abdominal Tightening: Simply sit up straight and breathe deliberately, tightening your abs as much as possible on the exhale.
  • Chair Pushdowns: If your chair has armrests, simply place your hands on those armrests and push down for as long as you can. You may be surprised how quickly you get tired.
  • Forearm Squeeze: Get a simple stress ball and practice squeezing it for extended lengths of time to work your forearms.

These are just a few seated options.

Standing Desk Exercises

When you work up the courage, consider doing standing exercise. Do some calf raises while you are on a phone call or stand up and do some squats if you really want to work your legs. Next, try doing some stretches using your desk. This can really help to loosen up those muscles and help to avoid injuries in your everyday life. If you have a minute to take a break, get down on the floor and do a pushup. Whatever you do, just get up and move.

Staying Active At All Times

The key to staying healthy and fit is to make sure that you always stay active. Though your desk might seem like it prevents you from doing this, you can get plenty of exercise if you know what you are doing. Institute some of these desk exercises into your daily grind, and you will find that it is a lot easier to reach your fitness goals.

Desk exercises might not be enough on their own, but when you combine them with a healthy diet and some other impromptu workouts, you will find you are on your way to success.