These courses are designed to help get you the most noticeable results from your different exercises. There are plenty of courses available for free online, but these three basic guides are intended to help get you started with the basic strategy. Whether you are a novice to exercise or an experienced veteran, you might benefit from going over the basics again and reaffirming that you have the right form.


Cardio Basics

There are plenty of organized ways to get a good cardio workout. Some of the best cardio exercises include:

  • Swimming: Swimming is a full body workout and a great cardiovascular activity. Make sure that you are working with the water and breathing when you need to.
  • Jumping Rope: A jump rope is a great workout tool. It allows you to work up a sweat in relatively no time at all and helps to really get the heart pumping.
  • Running: The best way to run is to mix in jogging with sprinting. Spend time warming up at a jog and then sprint for a set period of time before slowing to a jog again. Allow yourself to catch your breath and repeat. Early on, don’t be afraid to walk. Also, breathe in the nose and out the mouth.
  • Jumping Jacks: If you’re looking for a great way to get the heart pumping without going anywhere, jumping jacks are the place to start. Don’t be lazy with these. Make sure to jump with a spring in your step and spread those arms and legs wide. When you pay attention to form, you will get a faster burn.
  • Athletics: Explaining proper form here may get tedious, but you already know what you’re doing if the options are available. This could include playing basketball, tennis, practicing martial arts, or any variety of athletic activities.

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Weight-Lifting Basics

If you are looking to lift weights, always make sure you observe proper etiquette with them as well. Some helpful tips include:

  • Avoid the Back: Unless you are doing a back exercise, don’t ever lift up weights with your back. When you are doing a back workout, make sure to observe proper form and take your time.
  • Take Your Time: Speaking of taking time, always pump properly with weights. The upward movement can be a little quicker, but when going back down with the weights take your time. This increases the burn and amplifies results.
  • Don’t Flare Out: Never let the weights control your movement. When working the biceps, always keep your elbows in. When working shoulders, make sure your movement above the head is stable and don’t deviate away from the body.
  • Use a Spotter: If you are using a workout that requires a spotter, use one. If it’s not safe to do on your own, don’t do it.

Calisthenics Basics

Calisthenics are great because they require no equipment and can be done almost anywhere at almost any time. Some of the best calisthenics moves are:

  • Push-ups: Like weight lifting, take your time with pushups. Go down slowly and push up only a little bit more quickly. Hold at both the top and bottom for maximum results. Also, look at different stances to work different muscles.
  • Lunges: Take your time with lunges and keep your back up straight. This is a great way to move around and work the quads.
  • Squats: The key to a good squat is to always keep your knees above your ankle. If you are moving forward and your knees end up over your toes, you need to slow down and fix your form.
  • Standing Bicycle: Move deliberately and relatively quickly as you cross your elbow to meet with the opposite knee. Go more slowly on the way down though. Focus on keeping your abs tight. This will get your heart pumping and work the abs.

This is just a taste of the many workouts available and just basic guidelines. Keep your eyes open for more courses that might be specific to what you are looking for.