Knowing that you are working out hardcore and dieting but not seeing results can be really frustrating. I know this from experience. I could spend hours at the gym, and follow a healthy diet but I would always question why my weight was still the same! There is nothing more frustrating than this. It was exactly because of this that I would always end up having extra snacks or adding foods to my daily routine that even though I thought they would make no difference in my weight loss process, they absolutely did!


“Oh well, I’m not seeing any difference even though I working hard, so a chocolate won’t make a difference”

Of course there was no difference in the scale number!

I had to work hard and research to be able to get in the mindset that everything I put in my mouth affects my metabolism! For those that are not clear about how your metabolism works, it is the one in charge of converting the food you eat into energy. The faster your metabolism is, the faster you burn calories.

There are many foods that you might be eating that are -for sure- ruining your metabolism or making it slower. These foods can cause weight gain, thyroid dysfunction, fatigue, hormone imbalance and digestive problems.

Let’s go straight into which foods are killing your metabolism. Important Notice: Stay away from them!

#1. Cereal


Most breakfast cereals are loaded with sugar! Yes, even those cereals labeled as diet, granola, fiber, etc etc! If you want to make sure you speed up your metabolism, stay away from them! Check labels, check labels! #1 Rule for anyone trying to lose weight. Rule #2 – Do not Forget About Rule #1!

#2. Artificial Sweeteners


Artificial sweeteners contain aspartame and sucralose which is probably one of the main metabolism killer foods. Aspartame is linked to 92 adverse health effects. It actually stimulates your appetite and increases cravings. You will suffer even more with your diet if you include artificial sweeteners!

#3. Sandwich


That breakfast sandwich you are eating in the morning might be the one to blame. Even though that small slice of bread might not look too harmful, it may be leaving your metabolism at a crawl.  Bread is a refined carb which does not offer a lot of nutritional value so make sure that if you are going to eat bread, then make it whole wheat.

#4. Alcohol


I’m not going to tell you not to drink but just remember that more than one drink will sum up and mess your process up.  When you have an alcoholic drink, you burn less fat, and more slowly than usual, because the alcohol is used as fuel instead.

#5. Granola


Granola is mostly made up of whole grains and sugar. It is also made with honey that has been processed which ends up being no better than corn syrup. Keep this in mind and maybe consider making your own granola without all the sugar and real honey!

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