Don’t you underrate planking! It is one incredible exercise that will help you increase your strength and get rock hard abs! If you think that time flies, you haven’t held a plank recently. A minute planking may seem like the longest minute in your life!

Planking is one of the most practical, simple and effective exercises.


 Let me tell you about the 4 main Planking Benefits:

#1. Toned Belly, Upper and lower Midsections

Toned belly

Planks are the ideal exercise for abdominal muscles. Muscles such as the rectus abdominis and transverse abdominis that form the outer and inner abdominal muscles are primary supporters during planking exercises. Other muscles such as the obliques stabilize the plank position while the pectoral, quadriceps, and a couple of other muscles also play a role during planking.

Planking will help build those core muscles which will build rock hard abs while you also build a stronger mid-section!

#2. Increased Flexibility


Planking increases strength in your posterior muscles. Muscles that usually get little attention such as the shoulders, collarbone and shoulder blades will expand and stretch. Other areas such as the arches of your feet will also stretch since your toes hyperextend to support your body weight.

It is important to mention that there are different ways of planking. Side planking will work out and stretch other muscles.

#3. Increased Mental Strength

Mental Strenght

Planks help stretch and therefore relax muscles which relieves stress and tension. You are also able to break through that plateau that limits you when you think you can’t go a second longer in the plank positon which helps you fulfill that need of accomplishment that many of us have.

#4. Improved balance and posture


Ever tried standing on one leg but couldn’t? Maybe it was because your core muscles were not strong enough. Planking is a great exercise for anyone needing help with their balance. This can be of great help for athletes in sports such as cheerleading or any other sport that requires good balance.  Planking also keeps your abs upright and activates core muscles that stabilize your spine and hips. These muscles have an effect on your neck, shoulders, chest and back which helps you keep a better posture.

sports balance